VA Medical Care Quality Review

Our teams of architects, advocates, and licensed medical professionals conduct routine site visits to 31 VA Spinal Cord Injury units and Long-term Care Centers to ensure quality care standards are met. Medical Services also develops consumer and clinical practice guidelines widely considered to set the standard of care.

PVA is the only Veterans Service Organization (VSO) that routinely audits VA hospitals to ensure quality healthcare and best practices.

The VA has a new access and quality healthcare tool for Veterans. Learn more here: Access to Quality Care.

Veterans Spinal Cord Injury/Disease Program

Ongoing, we assist in the development, design, and organization structure for the Veterans Spinal Cord Injury/Disease (SCI/D) Program. The team provides education with support on various committees. We also provide guidance to the general public on the care of the SCI/D individual and fund Patient and Caregiver Guides and other publications.

Medical Advocacy

Paralyzed Veterans of America devotes its advocacy efforts to issues that affect our members as both Veterans with spinal cord injury or disease and people with disabilities. Additionally, we remain a steadfast advocate for all Veterans and all people with disabilities. Our priorities include:

Learn more about how PVA advocates for the medical rights of people with disabilities.