Kyphoplasty, also known as balloon kyphoplasty, is a procedure used to treat compression fractures of the spine in which all or part of a vertebra (spinal bone) collapses. A doctor may recommend the procedure for patients who have had severe pain for two months or more and do not respond to conventional treatments (bed rest, pain medications and/or physical therapy).

When undergoing a kyphoplasty, a patient is given general anesthesia, after which a doctor places a needle through the skin and into the spine bone. A balloon is then inserted through the needle and into the bone. The balloon inflates to restore the bone’s height, after which cement is injected into the space to prevent future collapses of the bone. X-rays are used to inform the doctor of the specific location in the patient’s back.

Patients undergoing kyphoplasty procedures often experience reduced pain and improved quality of life.

Resource: NIH

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