The Invisible Costs Of War: Interview with Sherman Gillums

Posted By PVA Admin on May 26, 2017
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This Memorial Day weekend we celebrate military veterans and their caregivers by discussing how to get beyond the phrase “thank you for your service” and really treat veterans well.  Joining us is US Marine Corps veteran Sherman Gillums, Jr., Executive Director of Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA).  Gillums was about to deploy to Afghanistan when he sustained a cervical spine injury that left him paralyzed.  After going through two years of successful rehabilitation, he pursued a career advocating for veterans with disabilities.  In today’s show he tells us why he joined the military and he discusses the work of PVA.  He also talks about his own caregiver—his wife, an Afghanistan war veteran—how the Veterans Administration’s caregiver support program works and why it needs an overhaul, and the many ways we can show veterans we truly appreciate their service.

Paralyzed Veterans of America website: PVA

Articles mentioned in the show:

“It’s Time to Expand VA Support To All Military Caregivers” (5/16/17), Sherman Gillums, Jr.: Expand VA Support

“Why Veteran Treatment Matters” (5/12/17), Sherman Gillums, Jr.: Veteran Treatment Matters


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