A Moment of Gratitude

Posted By PVA Admin on November 27, 2019
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Chances are, your Thanksgiving table won’t contain 300,000 pounds of food – although it might feel like it after you eat – but that is how much traditional holiday food the Defense Logistics Agency shipped worldwide to our service members last year for Thanksgiving.

It’s a small piece of home for our military members while they are away.

During this week of thanks, PVA honors the men and women who have served, those who are currently serving far away from home, and their families. We ask you to join us in gratitude.

Our members have sacrificed and faced challenges, but they show us time and again that there is always something to be grateful for, and they inspire us on a daily basis with their strength, optimism, and commitment to helping others.

PVA National Service Officer and U.S. Marine Corps veteran Raul Acosta went from being depressed after his injury to realizing there is so much to live for and so much he can share. Today he is thankful for his life, the opportunities he has, and his job motivating others and showing them what they can achieve. “PVA changes lives. Don’t let the chair stop you – go out and enjoy life.”

New England chapter member John Farley is thankful to have a career, thanks to PVA’s employment program, PAVE (Paving Access for Veterans Employment). “I went from emptying trash cans and mopping floors, to running a hospital. I love my job.”

Texas chapter member Candice Caesar is thankful that her voice is heard. “At PVA’s WE Served Retreat, I got to network with other female veterans. I bonded with others who have similar disabilities.”

Please take a moment at your table this week to thank the men and women who are currently serving our country and unable to be at home with their families, as well as the many veterans who have served in the past. We at PVA would like to thank all of you who support our mission during the year to help improve the lives of these deserving veterans.


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