PVA's Air Gun Program (pistol & rifle) is made up of in-person events, as well as remote matches, known as postal matches. The in-person camps include onsite training from certified coaches who assist and advise to get novice shooters started in this mentally challenging sport while helping more advanced shooters earn those extra 10-20 points. 

The postal matches occur from November through March of each year, with targets due on the final day of each month. These matches allow competitors to shoot at their home range and compete against others across the country. The competitions are held using paper or electronic targets, but final standings are separated by target type. 

With their versatility and accessibility, air guns continue to be a popular choice for a wide range of shooting enthusiasts.  

For additional information regarding our postal matches, please click here.



National Postal Matches
Monthly (November 2022- March 2023)
Postal Match
Wisconsin Air Gun Clinic
March 11-12, 2023
Milwaukee, WI


Air Rifle- Crossman Challenger 

Air Pistol- Crosman 2300S

Spring Stands – Armorit (Required for SH2 only) 

Tommie Cassaday, tlcassaday@armorit.com, 941 360 2101 

(Please note: You must contact Tommie Cassaday directly to order spring stands, as they are built to order. As of January 2023, it costs $116 for adjustable and $90 for fixed, plus shipping. 


Paralympic Shooting Rules  

(For those competing at the NVWGs, we follow these rules as closely as possible.) 

Paralympic Shooting Classification

For more information, please contact Program Manager John Arbino: