Paralyzed Veterans of America is UnstoppABLE in our service to all veterans and people living with disabilities. We:

  • Help Veterans get their service-earned benefits from VA. This process requires lots of paperwork, and Veterans often hit roadblocks or feel discouraged. PVA is there to advocate for them and help them through the challenges so they can get the benefits they deserve.

  • Ensure Veterans recover from their illnesses and injuries, with top-notch health and rehabilitation and sports and recreation programs.

  • Offer career support to Veterans who want to re-enter the workforce. From job training, to resume and interview skill building, to entrepreneurship incubators, PVA promises to be a partner for Veterans for their full career – wherever it may take them.

  • Advocate for a more accessible America by working with lawmakers in Washington D.C. PVA was one of the key writers of the Americans with Disabilities act, which improves millions of lives to this day.

All our programs and services are provided to veterans and their families FREE OF CHARGE – and that is all because of our UnstoppABLE supporters!

PVA scores a 4/4 star rating on Charity Navigator.
PVA is a top rated nonprofit on great nonprofits
PVA is a platinum rated nonprofit on Candid (Guidestar)