You Can Make
An Impact

Create your fundraiser today

It’s easy to make an impact! Click here to easily create a fundraiser for Paralyzed Veterans of America on Facebook.

Getting Started

In just a few minutes, Facebook will walk you thru the basics of launching your personal fundraiser.

  1. Click here to be directed to Facebooks fundraiser page for PVA.
  2. Let’s start with the basics - Set a goal that inspires your supporter to help you reach it! 
  3. Tell your story - Pick a title to grab attention for your fundraiser and tell your story to give your supports a reason to contribute.
  4. Choose a cover photo or video – Select an impactful image from PVA’s library to help drive the message of your story and our cause.



Pro Tips for Your First Fundraiser

  • Invite friends - Giving is more fun when we do it together. Be sure to invite friends to your fundraiser page.
  • Post milestone reminders - post your milestones to your newsfeed to get that extra push towards your goal! For example – ‘Just 5 more days!’ or ‘I’ve just hit the halfway mark for my fundraising goal for Paralyzed Veterans of America’
  • Make a game of it - Challenge your friends to make an impact with you by asking them to create their own fundraiser!
  • Share a story - share your own story or that of a loved one that inspired you to support our cause. Or, you can share one of the many stories of our unstoppable members here.