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Paralyzed and disabled Veterans who are isolated in their homes during the Coronavirus outbreak are suffering. Most have compromised immune systems and can’t get out for medical care or groceries; some can’t even be reached by their caregivers.

In the midst of this global pandemic, PVA is a front-line warrior for our nation’s most catastrophically injured Veterans to ensure they have a hospital bed if they need it, protective gear for their caregivers, in-home care, and for many, food on the table. Our dedicated staff is responding 24/7 hundreds of times of day. We are going above and beyond to meet this critical need.

The crisis all Americans are dealing with is even worse for Veterans in wheelchairs as a result of spinal cord injury or disease who can’t leave their homes. Every day they struggle with accessibility issues – and this national emergency has made things much more difficult. Our Veterans stepped up to serve this nation and we must serve them at their extreme time of need. Your support ensures we can continue to serve.


Stories from the Inside

Featuring long-time supporter Ben Affleck, Stories from the Inside show paralyzed Veterans in their homes with growing concerns about COVID-19 exposure, limited supplies, increased anxiety, and feelings of depression. With underlying health issues, paralyzed Veterans and all people with serious disabilities, are at the greatest risk right now. Many are trapped at home and isolated because contracting the coronavirus could have deadly repercussions. These are terrifying times for this vulnerable group.

Stories from the Inside: with U.S. Army Veteran, Stan Brown

Stories from the Inside: with U.S. Army Veteran, Jennifer Steele

Stories from the Inside: with U.S. Navy Veteran, Tom Wheaton