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Post Date: January 10, 2018
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Veterans Who Are Victims of Domestic, Sexual Violence Would See More Help Under Proposed Bill
New legislation would boost assistance for veterans who are victims of domestic violence or sexual assault, under a plan supported by a bipartisan contingent of House lawmakers.

VA Owes Veterans Housing Allowances Under the GI Bill, Forcing Some Into Debt
If Jane Wiley and her husband, Ryan Wiley, both discharged from the Marines, don’t receive the housing allowance they get through the GI Bill by Nov. 1, she expects that they will run out of money for food and rent. They will also have to stop attending school if they can’t afford child care for their two kids.

Student Veterans, Schools Frustrated Over Lack of Housing Payments from VA
The Department of Veterans Affairs has acknowledged technical issues are causing 340,000 student veterans to receive incorrect housing stipends to begin the new school year, but now lawmakers and advocates contend the problem is bigger – many veterans are not receiving the payments at all.