PAVE Employment Leadership Council

Post Date: January 17, 2017
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Operation PAVE (Paving Access for Veterans Employment), formed the PAVE Employment Leadership Council to help support and expand PAVE’s model for helping all veterans transition to civilian life with economic independence, by helping bring new relationships, networks and ideas to the program. The founding members are Rich Brooks, Agility Defense & Government Services; Scott Miller, Microsoft; Chris Peck, UPS; and Stephen Comber, SAIC.

The PAVE Employment Leadership Council’s founding members are all business leaders who are supportive of PAVE’s mission and who have helped their companies play a leading role in supporting veteran employment. All founding members have worked closely with Paralyzed Veterans of America for many years and will play an integral part in helping continue to grow the PAVE program to provide resources and outreach to all veterans.

Founded in 2007, PAVE provides one-on-one vocational assistance and support to all veterans and their families as well as assistance to employers committed to hiring veterans. Through a unique public-private partnership with government and business representatives, PAVE’s Master’s-level certified rehabilitation counselors work in VA medical centers. PAVE counselors are “partners for life” for the veterans they serve, providing support beyond job placement to ensure success.