Paralyzed Veterans of America Leader Recognized for Positive Impact on Veteran Advocacy

Post Date: February 17, 2017
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Post Date:February 17, 2017

“Though different in their pursuits and contributions, the commonalities we found in the men and women listed as the HillVets 100 were their mission and purpose of giving back to those that have sacrificed so much for our nation.”

WASHINGTON, DC 2/17/17 —Paralyzed Veterans of America (Paralyzed Veterans) Executive Director Sherman Gillums, Jr. has been named among 100 of 2016’s most impactful leaders in veteran advocacy by HillVets.  The HillVets 100 list annually highlights the most effective veterans, service members and supporters. HillVets compiles a list encompassing individuals from many diverse sectors and areas, including those in the arts, politics, business, philanthropy, and personal achievements.

Executive Director Gillums was recognized under the “Traditional Non-Profits” category, which honors some of the longest standing, non-profit supporters of the veteran community. Awardees were selected based on their continuous dedicated and committed efforts to bring veteran and service members’ interests to the forefront of national dialogue and ensured that the veterans’ issues remained prevalent in public discourse.

“I am humbled by this recognition and see it more as a testament to the great work carried out by my amazing staff and Paralyzed Veterans’ champions of the past who paved the way,” said Gillums, the first post-9/11 veteran to lead Paralyzed Veterans of America. “This award validates my commitment to fighting hard for the paralyzed veterans of this country and their caregivers as our nation continues to depend on our military for the preservation of our freedom and democracy—often at great personal sacrifice for many veterans.”

Other selectees for the HillVets 100 list include Congressman David Phillip “Phil” Roe, Chairman of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee; Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator Edward Byers, Jr., who received the Medal of Honor on February 29, 2016; Robert “Bob” Joseph Dole, former United States Senator and United States Senate Majority Leader; and General Joseph Dunford Jr., whose military career spans 40 years with the United States Marine Corps, and includes serving as its 36th Commandant and currently as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the nation’s highest ranking military officer.HillVets is a professional network for veterans serving our nation again in the National Capitol region, and is mission is to transform the power and presence of veterans in government, policy, and politics.  Learn more and view the complete Top 100 list at