Paralyzed Veterans of America fights for continued access to life sustaining health care during the Coronavirus pandemic

Post Date: March 19, 2020
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WASHINGTON (March 19, 2020) — Paralyzed Veterans of America Executive Director Carl Blake issued the following statement regarding the medical treatment of veterans with spinal cord injury (SCI) and diseases such as MS and ALS, and other people with disabilities during the coronavirus pandemic.  
“During this unprecedented pandemic, it’s important to remember everybody deserves quality health care. As such, we are coordinating closely with the Department of Veterans Affairs to ensure that the SCI system of care remains strong and fully accessible to paralyzed veterans. PVA is coordinating with the VA and Capitol Hill to address the needs of veterans who receive crucial, life-sustaining daily care in their homes. PVA is working diligently to ensure that the broader community response to the coronavirus addresses the needs of people with disabilities, particularly as major support systems are impacted and vital supplies become more difficult to obtain.”
“As the pandemic moves forward, medical professionals must not stereotype someone’s quality of life when assessing medical priorities. We have yet to see this occur in the United States, but as the number of coronavirus patients increases, PVA stands ready to continue our commitment to fight for quality health care for catastrophically disabled veterans and all people with disabilities.”