Paralyzed Veterans Disaster Relief Fund

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Paralyzed Veterans members who suffer demonstrable losses after a natural disaster, can file for financial assistance through Paralyzed Veterans Disaster Relief Fund. The fund offers a grant of up to $1500 and was established to give recovering members a jump start toward the road to recovery, whether that means replacing lost food and clothing, repairing a damaged roof, or restoring a flooded basement back to livable conditions.

Funds will only be provided to Paralyzed Veterans members.

A maximum of $1,500 per individual will be granted. However, additional funding may be provided in extreme circumstances, upon review on a case-by-case basis. Each application will be evaluated for need. Maximum disbursements will not be made in all cases.

Funds may be granted for transportation, temporary shelter, food, modifications for accessibility, prosthetic appliances, and medical supplies. The funds will not be provided if other assistance has been provided to pay for the items in the request (insurance, FEMA, etc.). Funds will also not be approved to cleanup, fix, or replace damages not related to the member’s primary dwelling.

Please contact your local Paralyzed Veterans of America chapter to receive an application for relief. Once an application is received it will be reviewed by the Chapter President or designee, and the National Service Officer and you will be contacted.