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Post Date: May 5, 2017
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Paralyzed Veterans of America (Paralyzed Veterans) programs and services ­– such as benefits assistance, legislative and community advocacy, medical monitoring and intervention, career assistance, and adaptive sporting events support the long-term recovery of paralyzed veterans by holistically addressing all critical dimensions of life and living with severe disability.

Paralyzed Veterans’ national headquarters also provides funding to local Paralyzed Veterans’ chapters around the country that connect with veterans, families, and caregivers at the local level, through community events that help them develop interpersonal bonds with peers and resource other Paralyzed Veterans’ services. Paralyzed Veterans provides its nationwide member-run chapters with substantial financial support to fund local programs and advocacy activities. This downward funding model is unlike many nonprofits models where funding is funneled up from other locations. Paralyzed Veterans raises essential public awareness for these programs and services through many efforts, including the use of donated programmatic media and educational messaging that it incorporates into its fundraising solicitations.

Why do we invest money in fundraising? 

Paralyzed Veterans is not federally funded.  It provides all programs and services at no cost to the paralyzed veterans, family members, and caregivers it serves. To provide those free programs and services, Paralyzed Veterans relies on the support of corporate sponsors and individual donors who the organization reaches through a variety of channels, including advertising and direct mail.

Paralyzed Veterans’ financial activity is consistent with other large public charities, and in complete accordance with the generally accepted accounting principles. Paralyzed Veterans is top-rated by Great Nonprofits and holds the highest rating with GuideStar, the premier non-profit evaluator, as a platinum-level non-profit organization.

Does any of my donation go towards public education and outreach to paralyzed veterans? 

Yes. Raising awareness is critical so that paralyzed veterans and their family members who need help know where they can turn. In addition, it is important to educate the public about the unique needs of paralyzed veterans. Paralyzed Veterans’ outreach initiatives are designed to educate society  about the free programs available to severely injured and disabled veterans, in order to encourage the public to refer veterans to the organization, and spread awareness of the issues facing veterans and their families. Paralyzed Veterans performs this outreach in a variety of ways that enable supporters to engage in the way they most value.  Whether that is through print, radio or television outreach, Paralyzed Veterans does so in complete accordance with IRS and the generally accepted accounting principles.

Paralyzed Veterans produces and distributes Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to radio and television outlets that donate airtime so that we can better educate and inform the public about the needs of our veterans. In 2016, our PSA ad value was the equivalent of $87,082,111 to paid advertising dollars. Paralyzed Veterans is top-rated by Great Nonprofits and holds the highest rating with GuideStar, the premier non-profit evaluator, as a platinum-level non-profit organization.

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