Online Career Fair Success

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Looking for work online is routine these days and what is not routine is how to grab the attention of employers.

You want to stand out.

During an online 1:1 interview with a company which can last less than 5-10 minutes, you need to build yourself up and “brand yourself” so you are seen in the most positive light.

Here are some ideas:

Make certain you are using an up-to-date resume and be consistent if you share social profiles like LinkedIn.  Your resume must be accurate and easy to read AND scan.  Do know that recruiters spend on average 6 seconds to read a resume so show relevant skills, abilities, and your talents.

Wear suitable attire to the virtual job fair since the employer may ask to talk to you via webcam; be prepared.  “Attend” the job fair in an uncluttered and quiet space.
Log in to the career fair in advance, and get the list of companies and do your homework.  Find out which have openings for you.  Ask yourself if you qualify.  You want to be able to show your understanding of the company also in your conversations and how you can add value.

Always know your goal is to get noticed and talk to a recruiter or hiring manager 1:1.  Introduce yourself, share your background succinctly and state the jobs or positions you are most interested in.  The online career fair is text chat based so you can type a summary of your background, goals and skills.  Cut/paste during the chat.

Virtual chats should be treated as professional exchanges; do not use abbreviations, slang or emoticons.

Continue to follow the traditional hiring process and do send a thank-you note to potential employers within 24 hours after each exchange mentioning details of the conversation you had.

Remember to ask questions so think of some specific questions and this will hopefully tell the company rep you have done your homework and are proactive.

Questions to ask might be:

*What skills/qualities are most valued at the company?

*What advice do you have for me as someone interested in this specific career field?

*What is an effective way to follow-up with you about job openings at your company?