Justice Department Rolls Out Electronic ADA Complaint Form

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Individuals with disabilities who wish to file a discrimination complaint with the Justice Department can now do so using an electronic form.

The Justice Department recently announced a new electronic method for filing complaints of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), notably Title II or Title III of the law for which the Justice Department has jurisdiction.

“Previously, we had to write out and mail or email complaint forms, so anything to expedite that process with Justice is welcome news,” said Lee Page, associate advocacy director for Paralyzed Veterans of America. “ ADA.gov is a fantastic website with a wealth of information on ADA compliance, and now it has a new, up-to-speed way to process claims.”

Justice announced the news of the new electronic form at Paralyzed Veterans of America’s annual Advocacy and Legislation Training Seminar, which took place the week of March 2, 2015.

ADA complaints filed through the Justice Department include those alleging disability discrimination against a state or local government or a public accommodation, such as a restaurant, doctor’s office, retail store or hotel, as covered by Title II and Title III of the 1990 law.

“For Paralyzed Veterans of America members and all people with disabilities, the new electronic format will make it much easier to start to start the process of filing formal complaints and should help expedite the process,” Page said.