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Good Ranchers and Paralyzed Veterans of America Join Forces to “Bring All Veterans to the Table” with a New Multi-Month Partnership Through Veterans Day 2024

Post Date: March 12, 2024
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FRIENDSWOOD, TX. (Mar. 12, 2024) – Good Ranchers, the leading provider of high-quality, 100% American meat, is proud to announce its partnership with Paralyzed Veterans of America – the nation’s premier non-profit dedicated to serving Veterans with spinal cord injuries and diseases, like MS and ALS. Together, they aim to "Bring All Veterans to the Table" by providing vital support, opportunities, and resources to Veterans and their families.

As part of this partnership, Good Ranchers will donate a portion of its proceeds from every meat subscription box directly to PVA to support their mission of helping Veterans throughout every aspect of their life journey. From day one of their injury or diagnosis, PVA ensures Veterans get the benefits they earned, the specialized healthcare they require, the accessible homes and vehicles they need, the meaningful careers they want, and more. Good Ranchers will also be sponsoring PVA events, giving a veteran discount on its product, and launching exclusive co-branded meat boxes for both Veteran’s Day and  Memorial Day that will contribute extra donations to PVA to ramp up awareness of the unique issues paralyzed Veteran’s face and the crucial support PVA provides.

"We are thrilled to partner with PVA to support our nation's heroes," said Ben Spell, CEO of Good Ranchers. "At Good Ranchers, we want to bring everyone to the table to share in the best of what makes life good, and no one deserves the spot of honor at the table more than our Veterans. Through this partnership, we will positively impact the lives of paralyzed Veterans and their families to create moments around great food that they’ll hopefully never forget."

Good Ranchers and PVA are both part of the Penske family, and share the common thread of racing with Team Penske. That’s why it was only fitting that the Good Ranchers-PVA partnership kicked off at the 2023 Firestone Grand Prix in St. Petersburg, Florida, on Sunday, Mar. 10. While at the race, the duo celebrated this new partnership by sharing activation information with hundreds of motorsports fans.

"PVA is honored to partner with Good Ranchers and broaden awareness of the needs of today’s paralyzed Veterans and their families," said Carl Blake, CEO of PVA. "It’s partners like Good Ranchers who make what we do possible. With this cause marketing campaign, PVA will be able to continue our important work of providing vital services to even more Veterans across the country."

Scott McLaughlin, driver of the #3 Team Penske IndyCar that Good Ranchers sponsors, said he was “very excited for this collaboration between Good Ranchers and PVA.” Scott also added that, “Coming from Australia and New Zealand and seeing how patriotic Americans are toward their troops and Veterans is amazing. Good Ranchers is a proud, patriotic company, so to see such an integral part of my INDYCAR program partner with a Veteran Service Organization that does so much is hopefully the start of a great relationship. I encourage everyone to subscribe to your own Good Ranchers box for hormone-free, sustainable meat that helps benefit those that sacrifice for American freedoms.”

To learn more about Good Ranchers and their partnership with PVA, visit

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About Paralyzed Veterans of America
Paralyzed Veterans of America is a nonprofit Veteran Service Organization dedicated solely for the benefit and representation of Veterans with spinal cord injury or diseases like MS and ALS. The organization ensures Veterans receive the benefits earned through their service to our nation, monitors their care in VA spinal cord injury units, and funds research and education in the search for a cure and improved care for individuals with paralysis.

As a life-long partner and advocate for Veterans and all people with disabilities, PVA also develops training for clinicians, provides Veteran career services, works to ensure accessibility in buildings, transportation, and more, and provides health and rehabilitation opportunities through sports and recreation activities. With more than 70 offices and 33 chapters, PVA serves Veterans, their families, and their caregivers in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Learn more at