114th Congress, First Session Priorities: Procreative Services for Catastrophically Disabled Veterans

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Another high priority for Paralyzed Veterans of America (Paralyzed Veterans)is the provision of reproductive services for catastrophically disabled service-connected veterans. One of the most devastating results of spinal cord injury or dysfunction for many individuals is the loss of the ability to have children and raise a family. Paralyzed Veterans has long sought inclusion of reproductive services in the spectrum of health care benefits provided by the VA. We believe they are critical components of catastrophically disabled veterans’ maximization of independence and quality of life.

Advancements in medical treatments have for some time made it possible to overcome infertility and reproductive disabilities. For some paralyzed veterans procreative services have been secured in the private sector at great cost to the veteran and family.

Similar to the Department of Defense’s recognition that reproductive services are crucial elements in affording catastrophically disabled individuals and their spouses with life-affirming ability to have children and raise a family, so too will passage of legislation that will authorize the VA to offer similar services to catastrophically disabled veterans.