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Jennifer is an Army veteran, caregiver, small business owner, mother, and, now, full-time employee. After serving as an Army medic for nearly 10 years, including a deployment to Afghanistan, Jennifer left the military in 2004 facing an uncertain yet busy future. 2004 to 2012 were busy years for Jennifer; she was a full-time caregiver to her then-husband, a paralyzed veteran, while also raising her children. In addition to these personal and family focuses, Jennifer also pursued and obtained her Associate's degree and worked in her family-owned small business in Dallas.

In 2018, Jennifer decided it was time to enter the civilian workforce full time. She met Taylor Scott, an Analyst with Paralyzed Veterans of America’s Veterans Career Program, at a hiring event in Dallas in September 2018.

When Taylor first met Jennifer, Jennifer was lost in the civilian employment process. She was struggling to identify the right opportunities and develop a resume, and she lacked confidence about the interview process. Taylor stayed in regular communication with Jennifer, assisting with resume development, identifying opportunities, and practicing interviewing techniques and skills.

On February 4, 2019, Jennifer started her new position as a Customer Service Representative with Pattonair, a global aerospace and defense supply chain provider.

“The people at the Veterans Career Program who I worked with actually offered to assist me with all aspects including mental health, personal growth to understand myself, and building my resume for professional growth,” says Jennifer.

Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic and economic recession, Jennifer’s position was eliminated in November, 2020. Jennifer utilized skills she gained at Pattonair, and career skills from the Veterans Career Program team to find her new opportunity. After networking with other employees at UPS, Jennifer applied for and was offered a Seasonal Delivery Driver position at UPS. Jennifer is also using this seasonal position to review long-term opportunities. 


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