For PVA Member and Navy Veteran Brian McLeran returning to work was a daunting prospect. Brian had been out of the workplace for 10 years when he took that first step of exploring a career by reaching out to PVA’s Veterans Career Program. Then, PVA Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Joel Hoots, MS, and Brian spent several months discussing whether education or paid employment was the right next step. Ultimately, Brian decided that an entry level job would be the best option for him.

Together, Brian and Joel worked through some of Brian’s concerns about returning to work. After learning more  about his rights in the workplace, how to discuss workplace accommodations with an employer, and the skills he would bring to the workplace, Brian began to have more confidence in himself and his abilities. Brian initially dealt with some job rejection and turned down some jobs that he didn’t feel would be a good fit. Eventually Brian decided to “go for it” and accepted a job working in a shop at his local community airport. Now that Brian is working he has found new motivation and confidence in himself.
“It’s been a great experience working with the PVA Veterans Career Program. I’ve learned valuable job related skills, regained a lot of confidence, and now after many years have reentered the workforce. Thank you, PVA!”.
Joel will continue to work with Brian, guiding him through the career development process as his confidence and interests continue to grow.