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U.S. Army Veteran Anthony Steele was on active duty preparing to leave for Germany when a car accident paralyzed him.

Everything happened so quickly, and Anthony struggled to make sense of it. Doctors were telling him to prepare for a life in a wheelchair, but he knew nothing about paralysis and had never been around anyone in a wheelchair.

A PVA National Service Officer entered Anthony’s room. He was in a wheelchair as well, and told Anthony, “I know how you feel.  Don’t worry, I am going to make sure all your claims are filed, all your benefits are secured. I’ll take care of you.”

Anthony now serves as a PVA National Service Officer and goes by that same philosophy: “Don’t worry; I’ll take care of you.”

After over twenty years of working with Veterans, Anthony says he wants to make sure every Veteran he meets is taken care of and knowledgeable about the benefits they have earned that will make their lives easier.

“I like to make sure they are well educated on every little thing that they are entitled to. Education, adaptive housing, automobile grant, adaptive equipment, clothing allowance. It opens doors for them and their dependents. It changes lives,” he says.


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