Join the Mission to Ensure Disabled Veterans are Able to Access What They’ve Earned and Deserve:  Care, Jobs and Benefits


Paralyzed Veterans of America’s Mission: ABLE campaign encourages veterans and their families, corporate supporters and friends of the organization to help create an America where our most severely injured heroes have access to what they’ve earned and deserve:  CARE, JOBS AND BENEFITS.
Mission: ABLE focuses on three key aspects of holistic recovery and transition ensuring that America’s brave veterans are:
  • ABLE to receive the benefits they’ve earned
  • ABLE to access timely and quality health care
  • ABLE to get job training and career opportunities

When you make a donation or purchase a specially marked product, you ensure Paralyzed Veterans of America can continue their important work in delivering these programs and services FREE of charge to disabled veterans so that they can live full and productive lives.

Joyce Williams
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Meet Our Partners

Meet Our Members

“My disability has given me a platform to be ABLE to inspire people, to show people that the disability is a small part of who I am. The wheelchair is not who I am. I want to be able to define the wheelchair and show people life doesn’t stop when you get injured.” – Ricky Raley, United States Army
“Paralyzed Veterans of America right off the bat was instrumental – without them, navigating the VA is a scary place. Paralyzed Veterans excels at this – it’s their specialty. They’re by your bedside early on making sure you know exactly what you need in terms of BENEFITS in the VA.” – Bobby Fecteau, United States Army