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PVA icon   What is “Honor the Spot”?


In honor of PVA’s 75th anniversary and all of our founders who fought tirelessly for an accessible world, the Honor the Spot campaign raises awareness of the seemingly innocent acts people commit, such as taking the handicap parking spot, that harm people with disabilities.

Handicap parking signs with excuses
Images with different excuses for parking in handicapped parking “I’ll only be a minute”, “I’m in a hurry”, “I’m late for a meeting,” and “No one will see.” Under them, it says “reserved parking”

Last year, a Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) survey found that our members face many accessibility challenges in their communities. Parking, unsurprisingly, was one of the biggest issues. In 2018, a similar Accessible Parking Coalition survey found that:

  • 96% say parking availability is important to leading an independent life
  • 69% have trouble finding parking in their communities
  • Over 50% have decided not to make a trip because of concerns about finding parking.

We can’t let our Veterans and fellow Americans miss out on eating out with their family, going to see friends, or attending meaningful events over something as simple as a parking space. Do your part and Honor the Spot!

PVA icon   5 Tips to Honor the Spot

It’s time to stop the discrimination and honor the handicap parking spot. But this mission cannot be accomplished by PVA alone. All Americans can help by:
PVA iconAcknowledging paralyzed Veterans and people with disabilities and recognizing how we can all ensure their basic civil rights;


PVA iconSaving designated spaces for people with disabilities – not blocking accessible parking spots and ramp cut outs, or misusing handicapped placards;


PVA iconSigning PVA’s Honor the Spot pledge to show your commitment to fighting for accessibility by leaving handicapped spaces open for those who need them;


PVA iconSupporting PVA’s lawmaking work in Washington, DC though a donation or by signing up for VoterVoice.


PVA iconHelping spread the word to others via social media in hopes of creating a more inclusive, accessible world for everyone. You can see sample social media images and messages in this PDF.