Like off-road paracycling events, road paracycling events aim to get PVA members and other Veterans opportunities to learn the basics of paracycling and participate in different levels of road races. Participants can look forward to a thrilling experience while testing their endurance and increasing their confidence to tackle their next road races.

Please check out the schedule below for road paracycling events throughout the United States in 2023. Please note that the events currently listed below are not sponsored by PVA.

For more information, contact:

Valley of the Sun Stage Race
February 16-20, 2023
Phoenix, AZ
This event has concluded.
June 12-13, 2023
Milwaukee, WI
This event has concluded.
Tour of America's Dairyland (Invitation Only)
June 15-20, 2023
Milwaukee, WI
Army 10 Miler
October 2023 TBD
Washington, DC
Marine Corps Marathon
October 27-30, 2023
Washington, DC