Online Health and Wellness Programs will return soon!

PVA Online Health and Wellness programming is currently on hiatus while we work toward launching an updated program. Please stay tuned for new programming and a new platform, coming soon!

For more information about online programs, contact Vickie Lincks at or call (202) 416-7654.

Air Gun Postal Matches

PVA's Air Gun Program (pistol & rifle) is made up of in-person events, as well as remote matches, known as postal matches. The postal matches occur from November through March of each year, with targets due on the final day of each month. These matches allow competitors to shoot at their home range and compete against others across the country. The competitions are held using paper or electronic targets, but final standings are separated by target type. 

With their versatility and accessibility, air guns continue to be a popular choice for a wide range of shooting enthusiasts.  

Additional information regarding our postal matches:


For more information on the PVA Air Gun Shooting Series Postal Matches, contact Program Manager John Arbino at or call (202) 416-6463.