Welcome to PVA’s health and wellness programming page! Our goal is to provide year-round fitness and wellness programs specifically designed for Veterans of all ability levels, and best of all, they’re completely FREE.

No matter where you are on your health and wellness journey, we are here to provide support.
Our comprehensive programs are designed to meet your individual needs, aiding you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, connecting with fellow Veterans, and learning from trusted experts.

Joining our community is easy, so don’t hesitate! We are excited to meet you in one of our upcoming sessions. Click here to register.

Our first summer session will occur from June 5, 2023, to June 29, 2023. During this session, Jerod Warf and Dr. Audrey Lee will host bi-weekly classes that will help prepare athletes for competition.

Co-ed classes:

  • Strength Training and Conditioning for Competition with Jerod Warf: Mondays at 12:25 PM EST
  • Strength Training and Conditioning for Competition with Jerod Warf: Wednesdays at 12:25 PM EST 
  • Mental Fitness with Dr. Audrey Lee: Tuesdays at noon EST
  • Preparing Your Body for Competition with Dr. Audrey Lee: Thursdays at noon EST


To learn more about a specific program, simply click on the tab below.

Adaptive Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga for Adaptive Athletes

Instructor, Corynne Smith

Yoga classes will resume in August 2023. Click here to view on-demand classes.

PVA’s vinyasa yoga for adaptive athletes is a calming and flowing style. Corynne Smith, a certified yoga instructor trained in adapting traditional yoga movements and postures for a wide range of abilities, will be the instructor for these classes. 

During the classes, participants will move through specific yoga poses and flow, integrating breath with movement. Vinyasa yoga focuses on building strength, improving flexibility, balance, relaxation, and stress management. Corynne’s classes are an excellent opportunity for adaptive athletes and individuals who want to enhance their sports performance and build self-confidence or physical and mental well-being.


Fitness Training

Strength Training for Adaptive Athletes

Instructor, Regina Stone

Strength training classes will resume in August 2023. Click here to view on-demand classes.

The strength training classes will help individuals of all abilities improve their physical strength and fitness. Regina Stone, a certified personal trainer trained in adapting exercises for individuals with disabilities and injuries, will lead these courses. We encourage individuals of all fitness levels to attend these classes. 

Regina will introduce a variety of adaptive fitness exercises using hand weights, resistance bands, and functional movements.

Participants will work on strength, endurance, and flexibility. Strength training also incorporates cardiovascular and strength training exercises to improve overall fitness and help participants achieve their fitness goals. These classes are an excellent opportunity for adaptive athletes and individuals who want to work out to enhance their sports performance or physical and mental well-being.

Shoulder Strengthening for Adaptive Athletes

Instructor, Jerod Warf

It's time to step up your game and take your athleticism to the next level! Whether you are a novice or an experienced athlete, instructor Jerod Warf will guide you through various exercises that will improve your strength and conditioning. This four-week intensive program will help you reach your competitive goals in 2023!

Classes will be every Monday and Wednesday at 12:25 PM EST on Zoom. Click here to register.

Jerod comes to PVA with extensive experience training people with neurological conditions (primarily spinal cord injuries, strokes, Lyme disease, and other rare diseases. He also trained the U.S. Paralympic Rugby Team in the lead-up to the London Paralympic Games, the U.S. Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team at Lakeshore Foundation, and athletes on the Portland Pounders Wheelchair Rugby Team, competitive hand cyclists, and numerous NFL athletes.

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness Coaching Sessions, Women Only

Instructor, Dr. Audrey Lee

There's more to preparing for competition than strength training and conditioning. During June, Dr. Audrey Lee will host two class sessions each week. One day will focus on mental fitness, while the other will focus on preparing your body for competition. Athletes will explore various topics throughout both programs, such as visualization, mind-body connection strengthening, recovery training, and more.

By the end of this program, participants will have the necessary physical and mental strength to reach their competitive goals in 2023.

Classes will take place every Tuesday and Thursday at noon EST on Zoom. Classes will begin on June 6, 2023. Click here to register now.

Dr. Audrey Lee joins PVA with extensive experience in sports performance and a passion for helping others achieve their full potential. She has her Ph.D. in exercise sport science and her Master's Degree in nutrition. Audrey aspires to inspire others to better care of themselves, their body, mind, and spirit.



Adaptive Boxing

Boxing for Adaptive Athletes

Instructor, Pierre Fallot

Boxing classes will resume in August 2023.

Adaptive boxing classes are fun and fast-paced workouts for individuals of all skill levels. The program will mentally and physically challenge participants as they learn different boxing moves and sequences. Benefits of participation include cardiovascular development, hand-eye coordination, memory, strengthening and conditioning, mobility, confidence, and stress relief. 

I CAN ADAPTIVE BOXING's Pierre Fallot will serve as the instructor of this course. Pierre Fallot has over 11 years of boxing and kickboxing experience training individuals and groups of all ages. He has worked with individuals of all abilities and skill levels, including those with Parkinson's, Autism, SCI, TBI, and more.