Each year Paralyzed Veterans of America Racing (PVAR) conducts an adaptive cycling clinic benefitting veterans and youth within the local community. Networking with the local PVA Chapter and other neighboring NGOs, this one-day event highlights the opportunities in recreational and competitive para-cycling for physically-challenged cyclist.

Thanks go out to the Carlson Family Foundation for underwriting these events and to Invacare TopEnd for being a co-presenter. To date there have been more than 25 clinics held across the USA.

Contact Jody V. Shiflett at 757-439-8031 or handcycling@pva.org for more information.

After years of providing wheelchair basketball, softball, quad rugby and other traditional sports, Paralyzed Veterans of America decided to launch a new Fitness and Wellness program designed to get more paralyzed veterans – as well as others with disabilities – involved in high-energy sports such as handcycling, wheelchair racing and triathlons.


The Paralyzed Veterans Racing Team, which is comprised of paralyzed veterans and other veterans with disabilities, competes at cycling and marathon events around the country. The team focuses on races such as those on the U.S. Handcycling Racing Series, cycling races which help veterans get into the pipeline to excel.

The team has two levels of support available to qualifying athletes (Open/A-Team) and involves other athletes on the team as Associate Members. Associate Members don't receive stipends and are vetted by an active team member. Finally, each team member is independent in their Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). In cases where members need assistance with their ADLs and/or other necessary personal support to race, that coordination and cost will be the sole responsibility of the athlete.

Racing Team Schedule


The Fitness and Wellness Program works with Paralyzed Veterans chapters, VA hospitals and others in setting up adapted cycling programs in their areas.  In addition, we work with Invacare Top End in providing one-day handcycling clinics to clinicians and participants all over the country.


David McGrinn was an active para-cyclist and member of the PVA Racing Team. Tragically, David was killed by a distracted driver on July 27, 2019 while he was training on his upright trike. David helped many other cyclists and aspired to make the U.S.A. Para-Cycling team to represent his country abroad in competition. We honor David’s legacy the entire month of July and remember his enthusiasmand grace.

 If you would like to donate to the PVA Racing Team in his honor, you may do so here.

Watch the video below to learn more about David.

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