Paralyzed Veterans of America Applauds Veterans Appeals Improvement & Modernization Law

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WASHINGTON, DC 8/23— Paralyzed Veterans of America (Paralyzed Veterans) Executive Director Sherman Gillums Jr. today released the following statement, after witnessing President Trump sign the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act:

“The Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Law represents a major step toward ensuring justice for the veterans, dependents and survivors who believe in their entitlement to a denied benefit. These people aren’t asking for a handout; they simply want fairness and timely review when they file appeals. Paralyzed Veterans of America fights on behalf of the most catastrophically disabled veterans with the most complex claims in the system. Our unrivaled expertise is often challenged by a labyrinthine, protracted review process where a growing backlog, coupled with inconsistent and arbitrary decisions, hurt those who rate the benefits they’re pursuing. For those appellants who choose to file without an accredited representative, it’s nearly impossible to get a fair decision. We commend the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for hearing our concerns and working with us to preserve due process and develop new and improved standards. This new law is a culmination of those efforts. It is also a significant win for President Trump and VA Secretary Shulkin, both of whom are keeping their promise to veterans with the passage of this law.”