One of the unique features of Paralyzed Veterans of America’s Veterans Career Program is our Partner for Life commitment to the veteran community. We do not say goodbye and close a case once a client finds a position, but continue to engage and check in as clients develop new skills and interests or need additional support and accommodations to successfully maintain employment.

Rickey, a U.S. Army veteran and PVA member, first started working with a Veterans Career Program counselor in 2012. Previously, Rickey struggled to maintain employment following his injury. With direct support from the Veterans Career Program, Rickey found a position that provided financial security and interaction with others.

During a recent meeting with Veterans Career Program Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Allison Borden, Rickey relayed that his employer was scheduling him for double shifts on back-to-back days. Due to his spinal cord injury, Rickey was really struggling to meet the demands of this schedule. Standing for this period of time was exacerbating his disability, and it was becoming unsafe for him to continue to work. However, Rickey both needs to work and very much enjoys interacting with his colleagues and customers.

Allison worked with the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center to secure a letter from Rickey’s treating provider. He was then able to discuss these challenges with his employer, who agreed to adjust his work schedule. Rickey is happier both at work and at home as he has more time to rest and recover.