In September 2015, PAVE and the U.S. Chamber's Hiring Our Heroes Foundation hosten an employment event at Ft. Carson, Colorado. PAVE counselor, Joan Haskins, led a targeted wounded warrior recruitment effort in Colorado Springs where she met Daniel, a deisabled OE/OIF Army veteran. 

Like many veterans, Daniel was adamant that he would not allow his disabilities to interfere with his progress in job planning and emplyment. Joan harnessed that sentiment to help move him forward. Joan and daniel worked closely over the next few months. She shared job leads and wrote several resumes to tailor both federal and private sector positions. She networked with partner organizations to identify job leads that aligned with Daniel's interests and experience. In addition, Joan helped Daniel articulate both e=technical and transferable skills so he could more easily sell himself to employers. 

By mid-October, in an effort to earn supplemental income for his family, Daniel accepted a part-time, supervisory position; however, his aggresive job junt continued as he focused on securing full-time work. In January 2016, Daniel interviewed and accepted a full-time position as a Client Administrator with 1st Alliance Treatment Center.

During a recent discusion with his counselor, Daniel expressed how fortunate he felt to have a position that he could be proud of. He plans to remain in contact with Joan and PAVE.