PVA Recognized as
Top Veteran Nonprofit
by ImpactMatters

PVA is proud to be recognized as an ImpactMatters Top Nonprofit!

ImpactMatters is an independent charity rating system that rates what you most care about: the impact of your dollar on improving the lives of our deserving veterans.
PVA received a five star rating, which means our programs are recognized as “highly cost-effective.”

An ImpactMatters analyst searched the Form 990s, annual reports, audited financials and the website of Paralyzed Veterans of America to calculate impact and rate cost-effectiveness. A second analyst conducted quality control.

They found that an expenditure of $2,900 increases disability benefits claimed by a veteran by $29,000. That means more financial freedom and more opportunities for those who have suffered a disability during or after service.

But PVA provides so much more to these veterans. In 2019, PVA has:

  • Pushed significant legal and legislative action to improve access to air travel for paralyzed veterans and others with disabilities.
  •  Invested more than half a million dollars into spinal cord injury and disease research.
  •  Helped hundreds of paralyzed and disabled veterans find meaningful and rewarding employment in our communities.
  •  Secured millions of dollars in earned benefits for veterans, including assistance with housing and adaptive vehicles – giving these veterans the independence and high quality of life they deserve.
  • Advocated for Social Security, which millions of veterans rely on for their financial well-being.
  • Opened a new Spinal Cord Injury and Disorder Center, together with our government and health care partners.

Our mission continues. We would love for you to help us reach even more paralyzed and disabled veterans. To help our heroes regain hope and independence, please visit https://pva.org/ways-to-give/.